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Welcome to Mandre

Izabrana obiteljska destinacija

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  • Giovanni family resort 

  • Smještaj

    Family Resort GiovanniGiovanni Apartments – je smješten u turističkom mjestu Mandre na otoku Pagu. Family Resort Giovanni – Giovanni Apartments je izdvojeni privatni kompleks samo par koraka od plaže okruženo primorskim borovima i hrastom, kako bi dodatno obojili Vaše dane.

    Kompleks je otvorio svoja vrata posjetiteljima nakon izgradnje novih smještajnih kapaciteta i potpune renovacije 2019 godine. Kompleks je opemljen bazenom, parkingom za aute, privatnom plažom sa ležaljkama, te više grill pozicija.


Giovanni Apartmens Family Resort Giovanni – Mandre, je dio priče sna the story starts with family Persics’ dream, dedication to tourism and ends up with You.

Love to island of Pag and town Mandre You will feel at every part of the resort. Therefore the Resort is oriented to a family tourist visitors. Offering all needed in walking distance, jet placed in peacefull zone. Kids as kids, for instance will prefere swimming pool, while a great beach is just a few steps away. Evening walks to center of town Mandre for a great dinner and cocktail will close perfect vacation day.

What we offer
  • private swimming pool
  • private secured parking
  • private resort
  • private pebble beach
  • personal concierge service
About Mandre

Mandre is a smaller tourist village just between Novalja and town Pag. Mandre is mainly oriented towards family tourism. Our resort offers deserved peace and enjoyment.

How to get to us

Just follow the road signs to town Kolan, Arriving to Kolan you will head south for additional 4 kilometers and you are in the Mandre! Now just head to the beach keeping yourself on the right side of the center of Mandre. Driving along the beach for some 500 meters you are at your destinantion Giovanni Apartments - Family Resort.

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