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  • Giovanni family resort 

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    Family Resort GiovanniGiovanni Apartments – is situated in pictorial bay of town of Mandre at Island of Pag. Family Resort Giovanni – Giovanni Apartments is a self standing private resort just a few steps from the sea surrounded with a pine woods to colour your summer holiday.

    Resort opened its doors to visitors, after fully upgrade in 2019, with brand new apartments, well ordered pebble beach, BBQ sites, car parking and a swimming pool.

Our Position

Giovanni Apartmens Family Resort Giovanni – Mandre, the story starts with family Persics’ dream, dedication to tourism and ends up with You.

Love to island of Pag and town Mandre You will feel at every part of the resort. Therefore the Resort is oriented to a family tourist visitors. Offering all needed in walking distance, jet placed in peacefull zone. Kids as kids, for instance will prefere swimming pool, while a great beach is just a few steps away. Evening walks to center of town Mandre for a great dinner and cocktail will close perfect vacation day.

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